Supporting Your Kids Through Divorce As They Return to School

Father hugging son with backpack on in front of school

As summer ends and routines change, returning to school can cause a lot of anxiety for kids and parents. It can be even more challenging for a divorced family. Supporting your kids through divorce as they return to school can help ease them in this difficult period. Here are some strategies to help your kids through a divorce at the start of the school year.

Open Communication

The most important thing you can do is keep the communication lines open. Let your child know that it's okay to express their feelings about the divorce and the changes it brings. Be honest with them about the situation, but ensure that the information you share is age-appropriate and doesn’t burden them with adult worries.

Maintain Routines

Though routines change with the school year, keeping a new routine as consistent as possible can help provide a sense of security and normalcy. Routines can include regular study times, mealtimes, and bedtimes, even if the child moves between two households.

Coordinate with Your Ex-partner

Work with your ex-partner to create a consistent parenting plan that prioritizes your child’s needs. This includes aligning on key issues such as discipline, school responsibilities, and schedules. Clear and consistent communication between parents can help avoid confusion and reduce stress for your child.

Engage the School

Inform your child's teachers and school counselor about the divorce. They can provide additional support and understanding during this transitional period. They may also be able to identify any changes in your child's behavior or academic performance that might indicate they're struggling.

Reassure Your Child

Reassure your child that both parents love them unconditionally and that the divorce is not their fault. Remind them that it's okay to feel upset, confused, or angry and that both parents are there to support them.

Work with a Family Law Attorney

It can be challenging if your children are about to return to school, especially if you and your partner are considering a divorce. At BTR Law, we can help you navigate these uncharted waters. We can help you resolve your divorce, child custody, and child support to ensure you and your children can focus on everything else.

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