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At BTR Law, our office helps clients resolve their family law issues. We understand that legal matters concerning the family structure can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. For these reasons, we work with every client to understand their unique situation and create a strategy that fits their specific needs.

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You can count on our skilled legal team to provide sound legal advice and counsel. From helping clients resolve issues related to divorce to ensuring your interests are protected during a child custody issue, we will fight for a positive outcome to your case.

We believe in the rights of people as defined by the constitution. Our attorneys provide compassion and experience together to provide peace of mind to every client we help. We understand the legal complexities of a variety of practice areas and treat every case with the same level of importance. Our lawyers take each case we handle with the professionalism and determination it deserves. We are strong advocates for our clients and stop at nothing to pursue favorable results.

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BTR Law is here for you in your legal time of need. We provide all our clients with sound and reasonable guidance and advocacy.

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