Why Divorce Increases Around the New Year

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The holiday season is a time of hope and joy for many, symbolizing the importance of spending time with family and loved ones. However, after the holidays end, many couples find themselves faced with deciding to proceed with a divorce. In fact, family lawyers see an increase in divorce cases stepping through their doors once the long holiday season is over.

Why is this the case? Well BTR Law can help explain why this occurs.

Remaining Hopeful

The holidays represent joy and love for the people that are in your life. If an individual has considered divorce, they may find themselves hoping that their relationship will improve during this time of the year. This may lead to them postponing their decision to proceed with a separation. However, this magic moment does not happen for all couples during the holiday season, meaning that they likely choose to file sometime after the New Year.

Keeping The Kids in Mind

During the holidays, kids get to make so many meaningful memories with their family and loved ones. If a couple is considering divorce, they may find themselves wanting to postpone proceeding until after the New Year, once the holiday season is over. During the holidays, divorce can cause children to form negative memories associated with this time of year, impacting their future experiences.

Avoiding Issues With Family

Divorcing during the holidays means navigating complicated conversations with your family. It is stressful to announce this news to family members, as they may have unsolicited questions or opinions about your choices. For some couples, it is more worthwhile to wait until family gatherings are over for quite some time to avoid any issues with relatives.

Experiencing Stress and Emotions

The holiday season is already stressful enough without divorce, not to mention the extra financial stress. You have to coordinate hectic schedules with extended relatives while also keeping the holiday positive for your kids. Proceeding with a divorce during this time will only add stress for some couples. They might find themselves waiting until after the season, when there is less stress and worry about finances.

Divorcing in The New Year? BTR Law Can Help

If you and your spouse have made the decision to proceed with divorce during the New Year, know that BTR Law is here to help. We understand how difficult this decision is, but our team can help protect the rights of you and your loved ones. Contact us online to get started!