DWI Over the Holidays

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Having fun is a part of the holidays. When spending time with friends and family, you want to celebrate and create memories together. Sometimes, part of the fun is partaking in alcohol or other substances. While there is nothing inherently wrong with drinking, lives are at stake when impaired individuals get behind the wheel. In fact, DWIs actually increase over the holiday season, posing serious threats and dangers to individuals on the road traveling to their destinations.

BTR Law can help explain the reasons why DWIs and impaired driving increase over the holidays. Furthermore, our criminal defense attorneys want to provide tips and suggestions for safe travels so that you can prevent becoming another statistic.

Why An Increase?

DWIs increase exponentially from Thanksgiving until the New Year. First and foremost, more individuals and families are on the roads with plans to see friends and loved ones. With an increase in traffic, there are bound to be more accidents and other roadway issues. However, additional components contribute to the rise in DWI during the happiest time of the year.

  • With people having time off work, there is more opportunity for drinking. Individuals may attend parties, go out to bars or restaurants, or drink at family gatherings. With more drinking, there is an increased chance of impaired individuals getting behind the wheel of their car.

  • Students have time off from school or other obligations during the holidays. While having time off and with no stress for assignments, they have the opportunity to engage with friends and drink more socially. While this may pose no issues if they do not drive, some individuals may feel as though they are fine and fully capable of getting to their destinations safely.

  • While DWI checks in Texas are unconstitutional, officers can still more closely monitor the roads during the holiday season. With more awareness of the prevalence of drunk driving during this time, more police may keep an eye out for the signs of an impaired driver.

How To Be Safe While Drinking

It is completely understandable for people to let loose over the holidays while they have time off from work and school; however, there are ways to ensure the safety of other people on the roads and prevent DWIs. If you plan on having guests in your home during the season, consider the following tips to reduce the chance for accidents:

  • Mandate sober designated drivers for all of your guests, or require them to contact a ride share service before leaving. By monitoring how they get home and who drives them, you can help ensure that there are fewer impaired or drunk drivers on the road.

  • Another strategy is to collect the keys to everyone’s car when they enter the home. Place them in an area where they cannot be easily accessible. This will prevent individuals from making a quick leave even if they are still under the influence.

  • Create a space for people to sleep in the event they are too intoxicated to drive home. While it may not be 100% ideal to house guests in your home, it is a better alternative than having individuals on the road while impaired.

If you plan on going out during the holidays to restaurants and bars, there are still ways to ensure safety:

  • Ask a friend or family member if they mind providing you with a safe ride to and from your destination. Don’t assume that you are sober enough to drive after having alcohol.

  • If you cannot find a designated driver, there are plenty of rideshare services to contact for safe rides home. Set aside funds for the night that are delegated for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

  • If you are the designated driver, practice defensive driving strategies. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for dangerous drivers. While it may be easy to fall into the routine of getting to your destination, remember to stay alert.

Angelton DWI Attorneys BTR Law

While it is intimidating to consider the increase of DWI over the holiday season, you can still have fun and remain safe at the same time. If you find yourself pulled over for driving while intoxicated, know that the team at BTR Law can help.