Back to School Tips for Newly Divorced Parents

Person holding hands with young child that has on backpack.

Going back to school is often a kid’s least favorite time of the year. They just had all summer to enjoy themselves and now have to get back into the learning routine. However, sometimes there are added layers of stress and worry for children. If you and your spouse have recently gone through a divorce, your kids might experience even more stress when going back to school this month.

We here at BTR Law want to see your kids succeed in school. That’s why we are offering the best tips and suggestions for you and your children. Keep reading to ensure that going back to school is a positive experience for the whole family.

1. Allow Your Child to Vent

Going back to school for the first time since your divorce is tough on children. They might have worries or concerns about how their family dynamic will change. Always provide them with space they need to release their emotions.

As a parent, adopt a proactive approach, always asking about their day and how they feel. Doing this will encourage an open and honest relationship with your children, where they feel comfortable discussing their feelings.

2. Communicate With Your Ex

Open communication is a crucial tip for your child’s success. Without regularly discussing things with your ex, you both cannot be on the same page for your children’s school experience. For example, both parents deserve to know about every important school-related or extracurricular event in their child’s life.

One way to ensure that open communication takes place is to create a shared family calendar. There are fantastic software programs that you can find with a simple Google search. Furthermore, you can also use physical calendars.

3. Have a Set Routine

Along with regularly communicating with your ex, you should also create a set routine for your children to rely on. If they know exactly what is happening at all times, they will have fewer reasons to worry or stress. Both parents should know pick-up and drop-off routines and what days the children have after-school activities.

Another routine you can create is dropping the kids off together on their first day of school, demonstrating that the whole family supports the children. Ensure that you and your ex also get into the practice of attending important family-related meetings or parent-teacher conferences.

Angelton Custody and Visitation Attorneys BTR Law

Co-parenting is a challenging task that can become much more difficult at the start of the school year. Our family law attorneys at BTR Law are here to help you and offer the best possible co-parenting advice today.

If you have any questions about successful co-parenting, contact us at (979) 316-7133 to schedule a consultation today.

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