3 Apps to Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Man at bar drinking and holding a key.

After going out and having a great time, you should remember to be responsible if you consumed alcohol and overindulged.

The risks associated with drunk driving include getting a DUI, DWI, or causing serious harm or injury to yourself and those around you. To avoid causing harm to yourself or others, you can download apps that will be your safety net until you reach your destination.


One of the most common and popular apps, Uber has made a big name for itself in the rideshare industry. This app can be used at any time of the day and allows users to schedule when they want to be picked up. You can share rides with your friends, split costs, set your location and time, and even see who your driver will be ahead of the ride.

Uber is one of the safest rideshare apps you can use and drivers in the area can reach you in a timely manner.


Another extremely popular app, Lyft has the same concept as Uber. This app also allows you to set a time to be picked up and share your location with the driver. They have quick and responsive customer service to ensure you can get home safely.

You can share rides with your friends and split the costs to save money.


Breathometer is a cool app that acts as a pocket breathalyzer and helps you track your alcohol levels before you get on the road. It comes with an external device that you attach to your phone (or another device with an audio jack) so you can see what your current blood alcohol level is.

This app includes a “get home safe” button that calls an Uber or friend for you to get a ride home. If you’re not comfortable with being driven home, it has a “Stay Nearby” button that finds hotels near you, so you don’t have to worry about walking too far to get home.

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