Survival Guide: 4 Tips for Your First Holiday After Divorce

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If you’ve recently gone through a divorce or you’re in the middle of one, you might be dreading the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas are typically when loved ones and family gather together, but this can be a painful reminder for those who are newly separated.

Even though life may not be exactly how you pictured it would turn out, the good news is that you are in control of how you spend the holidays. Rather than dreading it, think about how it’s an opportunity to make new traditions and memories.

Here are four ways you can kick the holiday blues to the curb and enjoy yourself this upcoming season.

1. It’s All About Attitude

Your separation might have you down in the dumps, but it’s time to take a positive approach. Now, that’s easier said than done, but awareness is the first step. Give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays any way that you choose. Just because you may be alone this year doesn’t mean you are lonely. Seize the opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

2. Start Planning

Start planning now. If you share kids with your ex, don’t wait a week before festivities to decide who gets to spend time with each other. Communicating with your ex won’t be easy, but think about your children and what’s best for them. 

If you don’t have children, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family. The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones, and you can count on them to be there for you. Send a text or call them to see if there’s an extra seat at the table.

3. Create New Traditions

The holiday season is steeped in tradition, which is why a lot of people in a transitional part of their life skip out on the holidays. There are no rules that say you have to keep any of your past traditions, so decide what works for you and edit accordingly. Host a Friendsgiving for the first time or join a support group and celebrate with other people who understand what you’re going through.

4. Practice Self-Care

This time of the year is stressful, and it’s easy for the holiday season to be overwhelming. Despite it being the time to give, don’t neglect your self-care. Relieve stress by exercising regularly, spending time outdoors, writing down positive affirmations, volunteering at an animal shelter, meditating, or doing anything else that brings you joy. Try to live in the present, and you may find yourself in a happier place.

Our Angleton attorneys are here to bring you peace of mind this holiday season. If you have any questions or concerns about divorce, custody, or any other legal matters, do not hesitate to contact BTR Law. Reach us by calling (979) 316-7133 to schedule a consultation.

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